Chi siamo

From a love of competitive cycling to the production of technical socks and sports underwear, who better but the brothers Paolo and Francesco Rossignoli, who share the same interest and the same energy, to satisfy the different buyers of their products, which are only simple in appearance.
New fibres and new fields of application are just some of the elements that are blended skillfuly and inventively at PIEFFE SPORT, and it is all this that makes our products unique.
Careful attention is given to the private label sector, a source of interesting and challenging requests which PIEFFE SPORT is always willing to fulfil.

Qualit´┐Ż e convenienza

Quality and commitment

Through the expertise acquired and hard work over the years in quality products, we are able to offer a wide arrange of articles for all requirements.
Our services are avant-garde because we invest in innovation, and this allows us to create prototype-like products because they have been made according to specific requirements of our clients, both in Italy and internationally.
We try to anticipate every type of necessity, because at PIEFFE SPORT the customer is more demanding than we are.

Ricerca e sviluppo

Research and innovation

In our opinion, research means "discovery": that shiver of recognition that comes to you when you realize that you are on that right track. We keep on surprising ourselves at PIEFFE SPORT everyday. And it is this feeling that lets us deal with each request with a delight for everything that is new, and with a spirit of adventure for each new beginning.
Tenacity and careful attention to technological innovations are our indispensible traveling companions, because at PIEFFE SPORT you can always find the right solution for your needs.
Each sock produced by PIEFFE SPORT has also been tested "on the field" in competions by athletes and professionals from a variety of disciplines.