Types of socks

Light-weight Dryarn Socks

The yarns used for this article are Dryarn, one of the lightest microfibers in the world which allows for a very effective sweat transfer, away from the skin, to the outer layer of the fabric, and Lycra, in order to grant the highest skin adherence. Due to its thin design the sock allows for much better ski control sensitivity. Designed and developed for athletes and tested with athletes.

Pieffe Sport focuses particularly on the many functions of the foot for the whole body, which is why we use yarns and processes that offer the best performance for the well-being of the body. For these socks we employ Lenpur, a yarn made of pure cellulose, ecological and healthy, which is obtained from wood with a fully sustainable process. This fiber is characterized by being smooth to the touch and its high absorbency and moisture release power.
Another yarn which we employ in the production of our skiing socks is Dryarn—an ultra-lightweight, high-performance, polypropylene fiber, with very high levels of breathability, which allows sweat to be collected and transferred from the skin, along the surface of the fiber to the outer layer, where it is absorbed by Lenpur, which then releases it to the environment.
This combination of fibers provides the sock with excellent thermoregulation, breathability, and sweat absorption properties. And yarn technology doesn’t stop with just these two extraordinary fibers, it is further improved by other equally high-performing and unique fibers.
Cupron, whose technology confers the products exclusive benefits, has developed and patented a technology to incorporate copper into the yarns. This element guarantees the sock hygienic and anti-odor characteristics, as it kills 99.9% of the bacteria and fungi that cause bad odors, improving the well-being of the leg and foot, and is particularly indicated for those seeking performance and recovery. Finally, Lycra ensures impeccable fit, durability, excellent stretchability with optimal comfort.