About us

Who better than Paolo and Francesco Rossignoli, two brothers with a shared passion for cycle sport, technical socks and sport underwear–two brothers with a shared vision and drive— can exhaust the many potentialities of a product, simple only in its appearance.

Our focus lies on the private label sector, which keeps us highly motivated with its daily challenges and stimulating requests. And at Pieffe Sport we are always ready to take up a challenge!

We have put ourselves and the experience, that we have gained in the past years, to test by creating two different brands: a technical brand, BEE1, and one slightly more fashionable, Soccus.


Pieffe Sport commits to sustainability. We see it as our duty to help build a better future for all of us. We are proud to showcase our Dolomites Energy “100% clean energy” certification; it attests that we have been using renewable energy for years as a clean energy source, to reduce our environmental impact and to make a positive change for our planet.

Quality and commitment

Thanks to years of work and quality commitment, we are able to offer a wide range of products for all needs.

As we constantly invest in innovation our services are cutting-edge. This allows us to create almost—so to speak—prototypes for our customers (both national and international) as these are tailored to their specific requirements.

Research and innovation

To us research means discovery, it’s the thrill you get when you realize, you are on the right track. At Pieffe Sport, we are thrilled every day. This very excitement allows us to approach every custom request with the joy of novelty and the spirit of adventure, typical of a new beginning.

Our indispensable travelling companions are tenacity and a keen eye for technological innovation, so that Pieffe Sport will always fulfill your needs!

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