Sport and much much more...

I nostri servizi

From traditional to extreme sports. For race-car drivers we have created fire-proof socks; for high altitude climbers and for very hot climates there are socks with insulation which maintain body temperature: ideal for "extreme" long-lasting and challenging races.
But PIEFFE SPORT is much much more. Over the years we have created anti-abrasive and anti-tear socks for working environments; fireproof socks for firefighters; flame-resistant, anti-static socks for the petroleum industry.
Special attention is also given to the military sector, through the creation of special socks that combine breathability, thermal qualities, lightness and comfort to antibacterial, antimicotic and anti wear-and-tear properties, all of which are indispensible for those who find themselves in challenging situations.

...with a fashionable look.

Here at PIEFFE SPORT we are not afraid of challenges and this how the idea of dedicating specific lines of products to a "less extreme" clientele came about, but this does not mean that we pay any less attention to detail.
Thus we have a Woman's and a Men's Fashion Line: Soccus and Foot and Fiber.

No area exists where we do not wish to put ourselves to the test, and therefore our technicians are at your disposition to assess and share each project together.

We will surprise you every time.


We are also the leading company in Italy for the production of (non-medical) graduated compression socks made with Lycra® Energy. Studies show that compression increases blood flow, thereby giving a sensation of vitality to the legs even through to the end of the day. The "riATTIVA" sock is especially ideal for those who remain seated for long periods of time, or conversely, spend a lot time on their feet.
We also recommend them for those who have to travel by plane or by car or for post-race recouping.



From natural fibres to those that are more innovative, each solution is tried and tested in order to assess their applications and characteristics.
Together with our partners we also research and create ad hoc combinations, to satisfy every specific demand.

A selection of the fibres used include: cashmere, alpaca, carbon, copper, silver, meta-aramid fibre, para-aramid, antistatic, antibacterial, bacteriostatic, antimotic.
The range of products we use is constantly being updated.