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BEE1 is our technical sports brand.
We have all types of uniquely-styled products for skiing, cycling, trekking. Enjoy the comfort of BEE1 products, with their top quality threads and styles that make them unique in their field. Moreover, the combination of natural fibres with technological synthetic and metallic fibres provides increased well-being for your feet and your entire body.


SOCCUS: an ancient name with a modern concept. Pure fashion in this delightful women's line. Our SOCCUS socks were developed in order to make each moment of your day a relaxing one. Whether at home are around town shopping, SOCCUS socks are a must-have.

Foot and fiber

A mininal design for an essential product. The milk fibre and resin sole make Foot and Fiber eco-friendly. Created for comfort for guests of Hotel and Relais, there are a unique solution for daily relaxation.